The Wonderful Story About FaithNPrettyThings

About FaithNPrettyThings

FaithNPrettyThings is a boutique-styled faith-driven webshop where faith and pretty things collide. It was inspired by my own need for a functional faith planner aka war binder and pretty things for it. FaithNPrettyThings Etsy Shop was born through my love of God, His Blessings, and Guidance. Without Him, this all wouldn’t be possible.

Just as I have grown in my Faith, so has FaithNPrettyThings. What started off as a hobby, turned into a well-loved Esty Shop, and now our own web store. God is good! Read some of our client reviews, and see how much they love our products. Many are repeat buyers and have become friends.

More about Me

about FaithNPrettyThings

Hello, I am Deborah, Debbie, or Deb happily married mother & grandmother born and raised in sunny Florida. Welcome to the wonderful story about FaithNPrettyThings and the flawed woman behind it.

I feel it’s important to share parts of my journey and how the Lord inspired me to create FaithNPrettyThings. 3 years ago I found myself feeling empty and somewhat lost. I tried everything to fill that empty space and found myself down a path that I didn’t like.

Then one day, I stumbled and fell face-first at the Lord’s feet. As I found my way back to Him, I was extremely disappointed in myself for wasting so much time without Him guiding my path. The NEED to make up for the lost time and the desire to document my journey along the way led me to create my first faith planner/war binder. I feel that documenting my own journey will be helpful to my family long after I’ve gone to be with our Loving God.

After sharing some of my pages with other women seeking God, in a Facebook group, others started asking me if I sold them anywhere. At first, I wasn’t ready to make that commitment.

But something told me to really pay attention to what these ladies were sharing. One day while reading the group’s newsfeed, the Lord, showed me that the faith planners/war binders I had created myself would be helpful to these women too. But it wasn’t then that I decided to start creating for others. It was a few stumbles later while I was doing my daily bible studies when it happened.

You see, the Lord taught me a valuable lesson one day. Because I was struggling with all that wasted time I mentioned before. The Lord, said to me, Girl, you took long enough! But understand that is it’s NEVER too late to start your walk or find your way back to ME. It was time to become the woman who is confident in Him, delights in His word, and lives lavishly loved. Because He LOVED me and all my flaws.

At that moment I knew I had to share everything I learned about Him, by using the gift of creativity He blessed me with. I want to motivate, and inspire you, anyone, and everyone through FaithNPrettyThings to start their walk, to create an intimate relationship with God.

Although I was so completely lost, imperfect, and ashamed of some of my choices, God wanted me to see I was worthy.

You see, God showed me how He used imperfect people like you and me for His glory. And we need to remember that the next time, we feel like we aren’t worthy enough to be used or loved by God. The Bible is full of stories of how He used a bunch of flawed people throughout His ministry.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Thanks for reading the Story About FaithNPrettyThings

It’s such a pleasure and honor to share the story about FaithNPrettyThings, and how God got our little shop to where is it today. I know without Him none of this would have happened, and I’d be creating things aimlessly. With His guidance I am using the gift He bestowed on me so many years ago as a child.

My hopes are that everyone stumbling, feeling lost, and empty finds God. If my story and little shop help to inspire and motivate God’s lost people, then I will happily continue to create pretty things along my journey with the Lord.

If you found the story about FaithNPrettyThings inspiring and motivating please feel free to share it with everyone.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You
<3 Debbie