Pearl Beige A5 Faith Planner


♥ A5 Pearl Beige Faith Planner ♥

This leather-like A5 Pearl Beige Faith Planner Cover is a soft pearl beige color,  the color will complement any color combination. It has a golden snap closure that screams elegant. The interior is the same pearl beige color as the outside cover, and the front has several pockets to put all your pretties. There is also a long slip-in larger pocket for holding stickers, notes, etc. The interior back has a similar slip-in pocket perfect for little notes, and receipts. There are so many places to put all sorts of pretty thing little things.

If you want a softer color or something on the elegant side, then this is the perfect colored Faith Planner for you!

Read below for more details on all the pretties you’ll get with this beauty.


Pearl Beige A5 Faith Planner

♥ Contents ♥

Pearl Beige A5 Faith Planner Color (not a cheap one)
4 – decorative dividers
1 – Decorative dashboard
Loaded envelope
Faith Tags
Mini note cards
Prayer cards
Gratitude cards
Planner clips
Scripture cards
Die cuts
Freebies – Little bits from upcoming/previous Bible Journaling Kits, Planner Kits, Etc.
Packaged pretty so they are gift-giving ready when they arrive


The Pearl Beige A5 Faith Planner cover is located in the last image, it’s the one on the right side. Please note that the images are to provide you a visual of the number of items in each faith planner, and for you to see how pretty they are. Each faith planner is created per person, and no two are alike.


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